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At Western Door Solutions Ltd, one of our specialties is door automation services and we’re proud to have access to an array of different types of automated doors.

We help clients choose the right door automation product for their business, we install those automated doors, and we provide repair services should those automated doors ever break-down or fail.

We also offer drive-through window services. So if you’re looking to add a drive-through window, our team at Western Door Solutions is experienced in installing both vertical and horizontal-opening drive-through windows and will work with you to ensure you get the best window solution for your business.

New Installations

Need new doors installed on your project? Call us first!

Retrofits & Upgrades

In need of some extra comfort? Call on us to upgrade your security.

Automation Installs

We've been installing automatic doors longer than you've been alive!

Door Repair & Service

We do repair and service, no matter who did the work originally.

24/7 Emergency Door Repair

Emergencies arise, but don't fret. We've got you covered.

Sleep Peacefully Knowing You're Protected

When it comes to security, many businesses think foremost of fancy, tech-oriented solutions like alarm systems and remote-accessible camera networks. But sometimes it’s the low-tech that often proves the most formidable and here, what we’re talking about is commercial door installation with proper door hardware services.