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You can count on WDS Western Door Solutions Ltd to take care of all your door requirements.

Automatic Sliding Doors​

In Kelowna, automatic sliding doors have revolutionized the way businesses operate by providing a touchless and seamless entry and exit experience. These doors are designed to function without physical touch, utilizing motion detection sensors that respond to a person’s presence. When someone steps in front of the sensor, it activates the motorized open and closing functions of the sliding door automation system. This allows the sliding door to open for a designated time and then gently close, ensuring a safe and hygienic passage.

Amid the recent spread and fears of diseases like coronavirus, the demand for touchless solutions has surged, making automated sliding doors increasingly popular in Kelowna. The elimination of doorknobs and buttons reduces the risk of transmission and gives peace of mind to both customers and employees.
One of the significant benefits of sliding doors is their construction using glass panels. By allowing ample natural light into the room, these doors create a bright and welcoming atmosphere. As a result, businesses can minimize their reliance on interior lighting, leading to reduced energy costs and environmental impact. Additionally, the glass panels offer unobstructed views of the surroundings, seamlessly connecting the indoor space with the vibrant Kelowna community, and making the area feel more open and integrated.

For businesses seeking a modern and hygienic solution that enhances energy efficiency and offers an inviting ambiance, automated sliding doors are the ideal choice. Explore our range of advanced sliding door solutions in Kelowna to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your commercial space while ensuring the health and safety of everyone. Contact us today to experience the convenience and innovation of touchless automated sliding doors.

Manual Sliding Doors

Manual Sliding Doors are most sought after for its space saving solution and for its versatile door configuration in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and medical clinics that have specialized needs for safe and efficient patient care.

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Pressed Steel Doors & Door Frames

There are four general types of door frame construction to consider:

  1. Open door frame. This is the most common type of door frame construction in which the frame is composed of one horizontal head style that is supported by two even vertical styles at either side of the door opening.

  2. Closed-door frame. Doors that open to the outside will typically feature a closed-door frame construction. Here, a bottom horizontal sill or threshold that connects the two vertical stiles at the floor of the building is added. This bottom horizontal sill provides a water-tight seal to help prevent energy loss.

  3. Frame with panel glazing. Glazing panels generally take the form of glass panels that are installed at the very top of the door frame, on either side or both. This is for added aesthetics.

  4. Pocket door frames. Pocket door frame construction is necessary for sliding doors as these pockets are built within the wall cavities to allow for doors to slide into the wall and not swing out when they open. Building pocket door frames is generally the most expensive of door frame construction, but once built, they will last for decades to come.

Swing Door & Power Door Operators

In Kelowna, swing doors offer a classic and functional solution for allowing pedestrians to enter or exit a room. With the growing demand for touchless and hygienic solutions, automated swing doors have gained significant popularity. These automated doors are equipped with motion detection systems that detect pedestrians’ presence and swing the door open automatically, providing a seamless and safe entry and exit experience.

The recent years have seen a remarkable increase in requests for automated swing door installations, especially among commercial buildings aiming to enhance health and safety measures. By eliminating the need to touch a doorknob, automated swing doors create a healthier environment by reducing the potential transmission of disease-causing droplets and bacteria.

Before opting for an automated swing door installation, there are several essential factors to consider. Understanding the expected door users is crucial as it impacts the speed at which the automated door opens and closes. Additionally, evaluating the wall’s security and reinforcement, determining the system’s mounting side, and assessing the available frame space are important steps to ensure a successful installation.

Moreover, compliance with all relevant escape and fire code requirements is paramount to ensure the safety and security of occupants. Our team at Western Door Solutions specializes in automated swing door installations in Kelowna, offering expert guidance to ensure a seamless and efficient system tailored to your specific needs. Upgrade your commercial building with automated swing doors to promote a touchless and healthy environment for everyone. Contact us today to explore our advanced swing door solutions and elevate your business to new heights of safety and convenience.

Drive-Thru Convenience Window

Drive-thru windows are something of a new invention, at least compared to standard doors and windows, having been invented in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder of the In-N-Out Burger Chain. These windows, as their name suggests, are designed to allow customers to easily drive through the ordering process.

Door Hardware

Commercial doors and hardware are fantastic methods of security because they are designed for security. These are very durable things that are built to withstand extensive visitor and foot traffic — much more so than residential doors and hardware. When you go through a commercial door and door hardware services company, you will also have the benefit of professional commercial door installation which further enhances its security. This is because proper commercial door installation means no loose hardware, no openings that can be easily jimmied and broken into, and certainly no gaps that allow in undesired drafts. In other words, doors get chosen and installed to ensure maximum security as well as maximum comfort and ease of use.

Commercial doors also come with more advanced security hardware and mechanisms. For example, the doors we often choose include mechanisms like electrified locks, code entry, keyless entry, and similar systems that are more advanced than traditional residential doors. Our commercial doors also are built to adhere to the more stringent code requirements, such as accessibility requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Pneumatic Door Operators

Pneumatic door operators are ideal for entrances that need a low energy design or where electrically operated door openers are not convenient or permitted.

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Panic Devices

Panic devices or crash bars are used for quickly unlocking doors during an emergency and it is often used in sensitive chemical mixing rooms and explosion-proof rooms.