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Swing Door Installation

Things to Consider Before Swing Door Installation

Are you looking to hire our team at WDS Western Door Solutions for a door frame installation? If so, then one of the first questions we're going to ask is what type of building you operate out of and what type of door frame installation you are thinking of. There are a lot of different types of doors and door frames available for commercial uses, but one of the most popular is automated swing door installation.

A swing door is a door that swings out in order to allow a pedestrian to enter or exit a room. Automated swing doors are those that do this whenever a pedestrian is detected by an attached motion detection system. Our requests for automated swing door installation have greatly increased in the last several months as more and more commercial buildings are looking to refit their buildings so as to be healthier and safer. An automated swing door installation is healthier than a generic swing door installation because, with this type of door set-up, there is no doorknob that one must touch, and therefore it is much harder for someone who is sick to leave behind disease-causing droplets and bacteria.

But before you have an automated door and door frame installation done, you'll have some things to consider. For example, it's important to understand who will use your door as it will impact how fast you want the automated door to open and close. It's also important to understand how secure and reinforced the wall is, which side you want the system mounted on, and how much frame space you have to work with. It's also important to ensure that the door and door frame will meet all relevant escape and fire code requirements.

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