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Sliding Door Automation

Choosing Sliding Door Automation

Here at WDS Western Door Solutions Ltd, one of our specialties is door automation services. By door automation services, what we mean is that we help clients choose the right sliding door automation product for their business, we install those automated doors, and we provide repair services should those automated doors ever break-down or fail.

Why choose sliding door automation? The reasons are multifold. Automatic sliding doors are incredibly useful as they are able to operate without touch. In other words, a person or persons step onto or in front of a motion detection sensor. That sensor then activates the motorized open and closing functions of the sliding door automation system, thereby opening the sliding door for a prescribed time after which it closes. This operation without a person touching has become especially popular this last year as due to the spread and fears of coronavirus, many people desire to avoid high-touch places like doorknobs. With automated doors, there is no door knob or button, one can simply walk through, into, and out of a business.

While hands-free, germ-free opening has certainly been a leading reason for why Canadian businesses have been contacting us for door automation services, it isn't the only one. Sliding doors tend to be made out of glass which has the benefit of increasing the natural light of a room. This has the side benefit of decreasing one's energy costs as bringing in more outside light means a reduced reliance on interior lighting. In addition to letting in that extra light, these doors likewise offer full views out, making a space feel more open and a part of the greater community.

Here at WDS Western Door Solutions, we're proud to have access to an array of different types of automated doors and are always excited to help our customers find the right doors, including sliding door automation types, at the right costs for their business needs.

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