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Purchase Our Products

Many individuals and companies would like to purchase our products, but have trouble due to their location. This is all about to change, since we now offer our products in more than one location. Find the dealer that’s closest to you and get in touch. Our dealers have all been trained with us and are committed to supplying you with the best possible service. If you can’t find one situated near you, give us a call and we’ll take care of you.

Key in the Lock
Interior with door
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Midwest Connection

This dealer is located at 1111 Hawthorn Street. As one of our oldest partners, we can guarantee you’ll be treated like royalty when you do business with this dealer. Call today to arrange your order and let us know if you’re looking for something specific they don’t seem to have in stock. We’ll be sure to supply it to you.

Outlet City

This dealer is located at 2222 Pinsker Road and is one of our most popular stores in the country. If you’re looking to buy any of our products chances are you’ll find them here. Feel free to call our trusted dealer at any time to make an order and receive the outstanding service you deserve.

General Store

Located at  3333 Newberry Avenue , this dealer has been working with us since day one. Our clients love ordering our top quality merchandise from this dealer, whose staff is always ready and willing to help. Contact us today to arrange a delivery from this location or call the dealer directly to start working together.

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