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Door Hardware Services

The Difference With Commercial Door Hardware Services

When it comes to security, many businesses think foremost of fancy, tech-oriented solutions like alarm systems and remote-accessible camera networks. But sometimes it's the low-tech that often proves the most formidable and here, what we're talking about is commercial door installation with proper door hardware services.

Commercial doors and hardware are fantastic methods of security because they are designed for security. These are very durable things that are built to withstand extensive visitor and foot traffic -- much more so than residential doors and hardware. When you go through a commercial door and door hardware services company, you will also have the benefit of professional commercial door installation which further enhances its security. This is because proper commercial door installation means no loose hardware, no openings that can be easily jimmied and broken into, and certainly no gaps that allow in undesired drafts. In other words, doors get chosen and installed to ensure maximum security as well as maximum comfort and ease of use.

Commercial doors also come with more advanced security hardware and mechanisms. For example, the doors we often choose for commercial door installation include door hardware services or mechanisms like electrified locks, code entry, keyless entry, and similar systems that are more advanced than traditional residential doors. Our commercial doors also are built to adhere to the more stringent code requirements, such as accessibility requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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