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Drive Through Window Services

Installing Drive Through Window Services is Part of Our Commercial Door Services

At WDS Western Door Solutions, commercial door services like the installation of sliding glass doors make up the bulk of our services, and yet it isn't the only type of service we provide. We also offer an array of other door and window services, including drive-through window services.

Drive-through window services involve all services related to drive-through windows. This includes the installation and repair of drive-through windows. Drive-through windows are something of a new invention, at least compared to standard doors and windows, having been invented in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder of the In-N-Out Burger Chain. These windows, as their name suggests, are designed to allow customers to easily drive through the ordering process. While they were once only associated with fast-food chains, our team at WDS Western Door Solutions has been getting an increasing number of calls for drive-through window services for restaurants that were previously only sit-down. That's because many people are still being cautious about their health and are preferring to minimize contact wherever possible.

So if you're looking to add in a drive-through window, our team at WDS Western Door Solutions is the commercial door services team you want. We are experienced in installing both vertical and horizontal-opening drive-through windows and will work with you to ensure you get the best window solution for your business. Contact our team today to learn more about this type of service and to ask to see our portfolio for a better idea of what such solutions can look like.

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