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Door Frame Construction

Types of Door Frame Construction

Are you looking to hire door frame services to recommend and install a door and frame in your commercial building? If so, then one of the first questions a door frame services company will ask is what type of door frame you need. There are four general types of door frame construction to consider:

  1. Open door frame. This is the most common type of door frame construction in which the frame is composed of one horizontal head style that is supported by two even vertical styles at either side of the door opening.

  2. Closed-door frame. Doors that open to the outside will typically feature a closed-door frame construction. Here, a bottom horizontal sill or threshold that connects the two vertical stiles at the floor of the building is added. This bottom horizontal sill provides a water-tight seal to help prevent energy loss.

  3. Frame with panel glazing. Glazing panels generally take the form of glass panels that are installed at the very top of the door frame, on either side or both. This is for added aesthetics.

  4. Pocket door frames. Pocket door frame construction is necessary for sliding doors as these pockets are built within the wall cavities to allow for doors to slide into the wall and not swing out when they open. Building pocket door frames is generally the most expensive of door frame construction, but once built, they will last for decades to come.

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